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At Fashion Briefs, we want to show you how to make the most of what you have by establishing your genuine style and by laying the foundations of a lasting, easy to update wardrobe that reflects and compliments your character, lifestyle, and budget. We want to simplify everything for you so that after your Fashion Briefs experience, you can translate fashion into a language you understand, picking out the pieces that work for you, your body, your life, and your budget.

For fashion brands, we  want you to understand that this business is tri-fold--with a need for knowledge and savviness in business, law, and, of course, fashion.  In essence, you must have a strong business acuity, proficiency of the controlling business laws, and an enthusiasm for fashion! That is where Fashion Briefs comes in! We want to facilitate your growth in the industry, and with the owner is a lawyer well-versed in business and fashion, rest assured that we will work to get it done.


Please note that as a brand, we uphold ourselves to a certain standard. We ask for serious inquires only.  With that being said, we understand that each person's needs and each person's budget is different. We are more than willing to work with you and your situation. After reviewing the details of our services, please fill out the contact form, or send an  email to so that we can delve into which service(s) best suit you! If you are already decided on a particular service, please request an invoice below that service. Also, if you would like to possibly be featured on our YouTube channel, please email a "help wanted" video as well.



Legal/Business Consulting for Fashion Businesses, Boutiques, and Brands

legal/business consulting provided  to help you fulfill your dream of owning and successfully operating your own business--whether you're a designer, retailer, stylist, event planner, etc. 

Services include, but not limited to:

- Business Plan Writing/Critique
- Business Structure Formation & Trademarking
- Setting up your biz/walking you through the process

-Contracts and Contract Negotiations
- Expertise on creating optimal Look books
- Strategic Planning

-  A meeting (either in-person or virtual) so that you can "pick my brain" for expertise answers

Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Stylist on Call


This service is one of my clients' favorites! Receive styling advice and recommendations on an as-needed basis. You have on-demand access to me through phone calls, video chat, texts, and/or emails. This is extremely helpful when you need style advice on the go.


Note: This service is not inclusive of in-person consultations.



Monthly fee of $ 30 (12 month package).

Monthly fee of $35 (6 month package).

Monthley fee of $45 (month-to-month).

Virtual Fashion Styling Consulting


*My best selling Service item!*  


The virtual fashion consulting service gives you the opportunity to interact with us no matter where you live — here in the United States or internationally. This is ideal if you are located outside of the Greater Birmingham area (Fashion Brief's headquarters) or if it is simply more convenient.  This one-on-one Virtual Fashion Styling Session with me is the quickest way to achieve effortless style.  You and I will get to know one another better as you discuss your style journey either via Skype, Google Chat, or FaceTime.  I also offer a traditional Phone Session, if you feel that is even more convenient.  You determine the focus, and I will provide coaching to help you meet your goals.

Virtual Styling can help you get you ready for an upcoming event or find those must-haves for your everyday life. Whatever your specific needs, time-frame, and budget, Clothing, accessories, and other selections are hand-selected by me and instantly delivered to you via email.  You will be informed about any key clothing staples lacking from your current wardrobe and receive a detailed personalized shopping list (including links to online resources) to help fill in the blanks.

 $ 75/hr (2 hour minimum).

Fashion Style Advice

This serve allows me to provide input on a client's self styled look in the event that the client is hesitant or doubtful about a particular look or hesitant about including an item choice in an outfit.

$20 per look

Fashion Style Board/Look Book


Fashion Style Boards/Look Books are created to help guide client with shopping needs geared towards a specific look. Fashion Style Boards are created using the client's desired size, budget, and style choice.

As a  personal/fashion stylist and image consultant we use lookbooks to give the client suggestions on how to wear a certain item of clothing, or even to showcase a cluster of clothing items for a particular look, event, or season. A lookbook is not just for celebrities; anyone--men, women, and children, can have one. Do you need work out clothes and have no idea wear to begin to find fashionable work out wear? Invest in a athletic lookbook! What about your job? Do you need a great selection of clothes to wear to work? The list can go on--casual wear, evening wear, leisurewear, school, and more!

Note: This service can stand alone or be an add-on to another service. As an add-on to another service, we can compile a style board or look book with clothes already in your closet in various styles, and/or mixed with new pieces.

$50 | 1 Style Board | $75-2 Style Boards 
$135 | look book with 4 Style Boards
 $200 | look book with 6 Style Boards  
Payment is Non-Refundable.

Event Styling

Take the guesswork out of dressing for your special event. Whether it is a pivotal job interview, prom, a small gathering with old friends, or a photo shoot where the pictures will last a lifetime, I can make you stand out for any occasion. As your stylist, I will consider all the details of your event when fashioning your ideal head-to-toe ensemble, and you will be confident knowing you look fabulous!

This service can be done in person, or delivered to you virtually as a Style Board.

$100 | In-Person Delivery  
$55 | As a Style Board

Personal Styling

Personal Styling allows me, as the stylist, to creatively accent the client's image with garments and accessories that compliment the body and event.


A free consultation is schedule prior to the Style Session. During the consultaiton,the  client should inform me of fashion desires and "do nots" before the styling begins. I will have full creative control over the style session with suggested input of the client. 

$110| 2 Hour Session ($40 P/H After Session)

Closet Audit


A closet audit is the ultimate must-have service for any budding fashion-forward guy or girl. As your stylist, my goal will be to delve into your wardrobe and clear out everything that does not belong. Whether the pieces are damaged, outdated, or ill-fitting--they have no place cluttering your closet!  I will work with you to decide what stays and what goes. Most importantly, my goal is to teach you how to mix-and-match what’s left, creating a variety of outfits to maximize wardrobe versatility.


Wardrobe donations

One person's trash is another person's treasure--so Why not donate your unwanted items to a great cause? I will deliver all of your unwanted clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. to the charity or thrift store of your choice.

Closet Organization

Is your closet a heaping mess? Does it cause you to dread getting dressed every morning? Sometimes a sloppy closet is the only thing holding you back from "style grandeur."   As an organization guru, I have professional techniques at my disposal and will employ techniques such as grouping your garments by type and color, along with other organizational tricks. Your closet will be left looking like the artfully merchandised racks at your favorite store, and everything will be within your reach for easy wear! 


Closet Organization allows me, as the stylist, to organize items in a desired form for client. The client is responsible to inform stylist as to how the closet should be organized. Without notification, I will organize in such a fashion that suits my taste, as the stylist.  

Furthermore, edit and organization of your wardrobe (including clothes, shoes and accessories), will include: the composition of outfits that can be put together out of your existing wardrobe, along with the asssessment of what pieces are missing from your wardrobe and the creation of a list of items that need to be purchased.

Note: If personal shopping is required with Closet Organization, stylist should be notified within a 24-48 hour period. Failure to do so will result in Personal Shopping being postponed until a later time. Personal Shopping fees will apply.



Personal Shopping

Sometimes we just know when we need help shopping. Perhaps you recently pared down your wardrobe and are not left with much, you suffer mall anxiety and truly need an expert guide, or you just hate shopping (LOL!). Shopping is what I do best! Personal Shopping allows the stylist to shop specifically for the client's fashion needs, desires, and fashion taste.  As your stylist, I will consider your body type, personality, lifestyle, and budget when helping you find the perfect look. On top of the gratifying instant results, I will teach you how to shop smarter for all your future ventures.


.A free consultation is scheduled prior to the Personal Shopping process. During the consultation, the client should inform me, as the stylist, of fashion desires and "do nots" before the shopping process begins. I have full creative control over the shopping session with suggested input from the client. 

$175 | 3 Hour Session ($40 P/H After Session)

Assissted Personal Shopping

Assisted Personal Shopping allows me as the stylist to accompany the client while shopping together. During the session, the client is allowed to ask me about any shopping questions--including fashion advice and how to properly style his/her body. The client is allowed to choose when and where the shopping will take place. If additional days and time are needed, please inform stylist after the session. You have up to 48 hours after the session for it to be considered a post-assisted shopping session. 

$125 for a 3 Hour Session ($50/hour After Session)

Image Consulting

After a consultation I will educate you on your best colors, clothing for your body type, and how to maximize your budget.


Package includes:
· Color analysis – analysis of your best color season
·Hair/accessory review – recommendation of best haircut/color, eyeglass/sunglass frames and jewelry for your coloring and facial features.
· Body type assessment – recommendation of clothing styles and silhouettes that are best suited for your body shape.
· Where to shop – best places and brands for your style, body shape and budget.


Menswear Styling

Dear Men:


     Please understand–I also specialize in menswear. Every service I offer–from closet audits to event styling--is provided with a masculine spin.  As your stylist, I have a clear understanding of factors such as sizing, fit, and acceptability in the men's world of fashion.  Whether it is for work wear, athleisure, date night, or a total "Man-over"--I've got you covered! 

All prices are listed for the particular service.

Style Seminars & Appearances

Need an engaging, knowledgeable, and vivacious speaker to empower the women and girls in your life to become their most confident and stylish self? I love speaking to women of all ages, and enjoy giving top style tips and tricks to help bring out the best in them with their work, weekend, date night outfits, and more!  From a lunch and learn at a bank for the female employees, to a fun-filled garden club presentation, to an exclusive half-day style seminar sure to pamper you and your friends, to a full-blown fashion presentation at for a law firm, I can share my coveted tips in a variety of entertaining ways!


along with physical appearances, i also appear as a Collaborative Style Panelist or seminar speaker virtually. for style seminars, style workshops, style projects, or for a participating audience (student based, private sessions, etc). Either way, I will share informative style information and professional tips, answer questions, and give inspirational words of encouragement. 


Want to book me for your next event?  click the button below or Email: to discuss all the details!


Prices typically range from $200-$1500.  However, I am often running specials.

Fashion Boutique Assistance

This service is to provide help to fashion boutiques by having an in-house stylist to help customers with their clothing/style ideas.  I also host events and social media/brand promotion, as well as model clothing in person or online.

Specific needs will determine the price and/or reciprocity requirments.

Styling for Your Fashion Business

This service allows me to create fashion style board sets for your specific company, boutique, or brand.  This can be for your website, social media, ad print, etc. Fashion style board sets will be designed with your company's inventory ONLY if you're a fashion company representative or company head. Fashion sets for fashion blogs are subjected to items that the stylist sees fit for the specific segment. Private creations have to be requested; without request, fashion sets will be promoted on the Fashion Briefs's fashion platform and social media sites. 

$30 for One (1) Set | $85 for Four (4) Sets | $165 for Six (6) Sets

Graduate Package

Specifically for soon-to-be graduates: with 1 hour Wardrobe Consultation and a 2 hour Personal Shopping Session.


Business Travel/Vacation Shopping and Resort Wear

After a short consultation to discuss personal style, budget, color categories, body type and what’s already in your closet I will put together vacation wear ensembles for you for up to 7 days.

Includes 3 hour shopping day with me.


Bride or Groom Wedding Fashion Stylist

Being a bride or groom is always one of the most stressful times of a person's life.

My role as your Wedding Stylist is not to tell you what you should wear on your wedding day.  There are many people out there that can do that Instead, think of me as your guide.  I will listen to you, get to know you, learn about the type of wedding you are planning, and understand what you want to look like on your wedding day.  I will ask you to share photos, tear sheets, and other information to complete your overall vision.  Once I really know you, your style, and the “look & feel” of your wedding, I will shape our experience together.  I do not believe in wasting time.  Our itinerary will be tailored specifically to you and will ensure you see exactly what you need to see.  If that changes along the way, then I will adjust our plan accordingly.

I will go with you to shop for the perfect dress/suit and accessories for your magical day. This is all after a short consultation of style, budget, and body type assessment. Hair and make-up consultation is included. 



Host a Style Party

The Mini version of the Deluxe Style Party. Host a style party for your friends.  It is a fun time with the girls, and I will talk in more detail about the Styling services I offer and share some of my accessorizing and style tips! Each one of you will even walk away with a small vision board to help you with styling yourself in the future. So gather the girls, split the cost, and let's have us a par-tay!


$240 | 8 person maximum
Style parties are typically 2-3 hours

Host a Deluxe Style Party

Host a birthday party, get-together with your favorite girl friends party, or even a networking event with a “find your own personal style fashion dream board workshop.” I promise there will be lots of giggling and fashionable conversations. This is a fabulous and exciting way to bond with your best friends, co-workers, and/or family.

By the end of the session each lady will:

  • receive one on one counseling with me. I will help students find & explore on their own personal style through various exercises.

  • leave with their own personal style note book.

  • leave with a completed style vision board.

  • Each participant is welcome to bring in items from their own personal closet and I will make suggestions on how to put together a full head to toe look.

$125 per person (4 person minimum)

5-7 hours

All materials for style vision board included

(magazines, pushpins, scissors, glue, ribbon, etc.)

Closet Reorganization + Personal Shopping  (2 seasons)

Includes Closet Reorganization and Personal Shopping services. Once I assess the gaps in your wardrobe I will create a list and do the shopping for you. Selections can either be brought to your home for your approval or you can come out to shop with me. I will exchange and return items as needed until the process is complete for two full seasons (spring/summer) or (fall/winter).  

$325 in 2 payments or $500 | 3 hours of personal shopping & 2 hours of closet organization per season

Complete Package (Closet Reorg + Personal Shopping + Styling + Post Service)

Includes all of the Image Consulting and Personal Shopping services listed above. Plus the following:

· Digital Photo Album of outfits you can wear for every occasion.
· Unlimited post-service consultation – contact me whenever you are unsure about an outfit, how to style it, where to purchase or whatever fashion crisis comes about. I will make myself available to answer any questions you may have after services are complete.




Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are also available year round for those of you who want to give a special gift to that someone special in your life, whether it be your mom, sister, friend or husband!  Yes, men can benefit from style makeovers too!


- Repeat Clients: 15% discount on à la carte services and all packages

- Referrals: 10% discount on packages

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