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Holiday Shopping Strategy + Gift Guide

Happy December! It's the first day of December and the start of the biggest shopping month of the year! Are you getting flustered with playing Santa. Well, did you know that fashion stylists make the best gift-givers? It is our job to know what is currently "in" (and what will become cool in the next six months, LOL!). We innately know what people would like and what flatters everyone. And with a roster of A-list clients, all of whom embody different traits and, as such, a range of personal styles, we are trained to pull items and products tailored to fit each individual!

So when it comes to gifts--well--that's when our sartorial know-how really comes into play, as evidenced by our satisfied clients. :-)

I really wanted to help narrow down the best strategies and gift guides and also share how I take advantage of this time of the year every year.

Holiday Shopping Strategy:

  1. Count down to Christmas There is no better motivation to get your holiday shopping done on time than to make a countdown to Christmas Day and put it somewhere you can see it. That way you will always know exactly how long you have to finish shopping and get gifts wrapped and sent, if needed.

  2. Get a head start. It’s much easier to make smart choices with your money when you are not waiting until the last minute to shop. Procrastinating only promotes rushed shopping, overspending and buyer’s remorse as the guilt of going over budget sets in. So, get a head start and begin your holiday shopping early enough to take your time and make smart choices.

  3. Make a list. I alwaysI write out what I plan to buy for each person and use that as a go-to when searching for gifts.

  4. Do your homework. There is nothing worse than buying a gift at full price, only to see that another retailer is selling it cheaper. Before you hit the stores or purchase from a particular advertised site, do your homework and compare prices for the gifts you know you want to buy. From newspaper ads to online shopping that offers free shipping and other holiday deals, do your research and create a “plan of attack” to help your money work harder for you.

  5. Be thoughtful. When in doubt about a gift to give, get creative and be thoughtful. Think about your most cherished gifts throughout the years. They are probably some of the most thoughtful gifts you’ve received. For instance, a scrapbook of shared memories or an appreciation book may take a little more effort or time, but they’re certainly thoughtful and creative. And they are often less expensive, too.

  6. If all else fails, give a gift card. If you’ve had trouble finding the perfect gift or you simply run out of time, give the gift that everyone’s sure to enjoy. A gift card is the ideal gift for anyone on your holiday shopping list. 

  7. Avoid Shopping In Store  Only. A lot of the sales in store can also be found on the store's website. And the stock is larger and it gets delivered right to your door (or the recipient's door).

  8. Set a budget and do not spend more than you have. If you were able to save some money throughout the year to help lighten the financial burden when the holidays roll around, good for you! If not, create a tight budget, make a list of every person you intend on purchasing a gift for, and divvy up and allocate an estimate based on your budget the amount you intend on spending on each person. Leave room the couple of dollars over you may spend per person. 

  9. Take advantage of price-match guarantees, free shipping, and other end-of-year deals. 

  10. Ready, set, shop. After you have made your list, set your budget, and have done your homework, you are ready to shop until you drop. My holiday shopping and savings tips are sure to help you slow down and enjoy the holidays for what they’re meant to be – a special time to spend with your loved ones.

I will be updating this page as new sales arise so check back frequently!

As a starting point, think about their habits. what do they really like, what are their hobbies, what are their goals (think weight loss, writing a book, better organization)

Below is a general guide of ideas for gifts. I will be updating this with links so check back frequently! :-)


FOR HIM (Wallets, watches, belts, & ties are so cliche. Let's change it up this year!)

Workout gear


Beard oil

Grooming products

iTunes card

Best Buy gift card


Workout gear

Gift card to her favorite store

Favorite perfume

Purse organizer


Again, think about their hobbies and get something pertaining to and encouraging  that (i.e. camera lens, Adobe subscription, drone, cricut machine, fishing pole, tool bench)

Pay their business formation fees


Battery phone case

Amazon Echo



Stocks , bonds, or CDs

Books (leisure, and ones on that encourage growth, i.e. financial literacy)

Spring/summer clothing (the next season will be here before you know it!Note: purchase a size up)


Neighbor: an essential oil diffuser. This will be appreciated because this is helpful with a clearing the mind and creating a lovely smelling home or work space.

Co-worker: stylish hats; scarves; gloves; restaurant gift card to treat themselves to lunch.

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