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Faux Fur, Fur Real

Once upon a time, faux fur was a faux pas. I remember growing up and my mom's era of women would gag at the thought of it. It had such a bad reputation in the ’90s. Back then, faux fur was typically made of cheap polyester, but now, most are made with a plush, real-feeling modacrylic blend. Now there are so many brands (both designer and high-street) that are using this blend. So now, we finally have a variety of good-quality faux fur for those who have moral reasons for not selecting real fur, or for those who want a more affordable option. Yay!

Right now faux fur is more versatile than ever. Let's be honest--sometimes, thinking of a top, bottom, shoes, and an outerwear piece for your daily ensemble can feel difficult on some days. Wouldn't it be nice if you had one foolproof piece that promised a great outfit no matter what you were wearing? The answer to this exact problem just so happens to be a faux fur coat! Literally, you can throw it over virtually ANYTHING and you have turned your outfit up 1000 notches!

Here, I had on a super cheap simple cheetah print skater dress and was able to jazz it up and look like I made a real attempt by throwing on my new thigh high boots that I LOVE, and a faux fur coat! (P.S, thigh high boots are another must have piece that takes everything up a notch as well and I will be blogging about those soon.)

Coat//Dress (Similar)//Boots

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