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Floral Thigh High Boots

Soooo when I saw the floral Balenciaga spandex thigh high boots from the Spring 2017 collection at Paris Fashion Week, I literally gagged with excitement. I started counting my quarters and trying to calculate how many nights I needed to dance to get the boots (I kid, I kid). Since it stays hot for most of the year where I live, I decided to wait it out until Fall to decide if I am going to make the purchase and/or see if any "inspired" versions would be released. As a tip: pick and choose when to buy luxury, and when to buy inspired. For more classic pieces or pieces that are one-of-a-kind, I will drop the money to buy the luxury item. But if I inspect a piece and note that I would probably only wear it once or twice and probably not wear it again for several years (if then), I go with a more affordable piece. I take into consideration that I have bills to pay and mouths to feed. LOL! With the Balenciaga boots, I inspected the style and structure of it and made the decision that I would likely not want to wear extreme pointy-toed floral boots by next year. Luckily, I found these for less than $50!

Because this is such a statement piece, I wore a simple black cut-out sweatshirt dress underneath. However, since I was attending a fashion show, I wanted to compliment the high fashion look of the boots, so I went with my go-to: fur! I did a 2-tone fur instead of a solid color for that bit of "extra-ness" and I tied together the look with fishnet stockings! It was a hit!!! I received soooo many compliments in person and so many of you online asked me to blog the look--so here you go! I'm always going to look out for my tribe! You will be happy--this outfit was actually all-around super cheap. I wanted to show you all how to look like a million bucks for under $200 (sans the bag, of course)!!!!

Coat (similar)//Dress//Fishnets//Boots

Bag (can find consigned now)

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