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Get Tied to Sweaters this Fall

It is the middle of October and we are FINALLY catching a breeze down south. The time for wearing light and airy clothing in 75 degree weather is done. It is now time to wear thick and constricting clothing in...70 degree weather. LOL!

Fall sweaters should be in your fall wardrobe. However, they need to meet a few requirements to be worthy of holding a spot in your closet. They need to be warm, they need to be cozy, and most importantly--they need to be fashion forward!

2017's fall sweater trends are all about the careful balance between comfort and looking insanely chic. For example, check out my lace up sweater. Lace-up fronts are still going strong with the silhouettes transitioning to knitwear for fall and winter wear. Whether they are tied up tight or worn open and loose, I am HERE FOR IT! They bring a bit of trendiness to the traditional cold-weather piece. So be sure to grab a couple this fall and enjoy being warm, while also being so effortlessly stylish!

FYI: This sweater is actually made to lace up in the back. However, I turned it backwards to sport a lace-up front (yeah, I'm random like that). Always feel free to get creative with your clothes. You are NOT REQUIRED to always wear a piece the way it is made.

Unfortunately, I purchased this sweater earlier this year, so it is sold out. But you are in luck!!! I have listed a bunch of current options below!


Shaker Stitch Lace-Up Front Sweater

Lace-Up Split Back Sweater

Marled Two-Way Lace-Up Tunic Sweater

Marled Sweater with Lace-Up Detail

Back Lace Up Sweater

Long Sleeve Cozy Lace Up Weave Knit Sweater Pullover

Plus Size Lace-Up Sweater (this one is styled basically identical to mine!)

Knit Lace Up Back Sweater (plus size)

Laced up Plus Size Knit Sweater

Plus Size Cutout Sweater (not necessarily lace up, but I thought it was super cute!)

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