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Don't Sweat It: Athleisure Werrkkkks

Staying comfortable is one of the most important factors when it comes to running errands, traveling, or (for my mommies) running behind little ones., but does that mean you have to give up all sense of style? Luckily, you don’t!

You want to make sure you’re wearing the most comfortable clothing you can from top to bottom. Sweats seem to be a woman's best friend when she’s on the go. They are cozy, they’re comfy and they do well in all sorts of "grinding." The only problem with some of our “best” sweats is that they might not be the most fashion-forward. My most favorite sweats are really not mine (LOL) and are 5 sizes too big and the pants now have holes on the bottom. I’d wear them in the house on a cold day, but there is no way you are going to see me wearing them out any where.

So how can you be comfortable and still feel like you look (at least a bit) fashionable? Chic fashion sweats!

As any branding agency will tell you, it is hard to overcome bad branding. So, maybe it's the word "sweat" in "sweatpants" that normally makes us think of them as unfit for wearing outside of the gym. Or, maybe we've all heard one too many bad one-liners about an elastic waistband meaning one has "given up on life."

Either way, today's look easily proves the sweatpants-doubters wrong. The best fashion sets are the ones that are fitted. They don’t hang on to your body and make you feel bulky while you are running around. The are still VERY comfortable, yet also have that fit component to them that make them look fashionable. I have this fashion sweat set in both gray and black and the looks that I have rocked with them have ranged from errand-running casual chic to heels-and-hair-did fancy, but they all have one glorious thing in common: the relaxed ease of a sweatpants fit. Complete the look with minimal accessories and shoes of your choice for an effortless-chic appeal. I will definitely be adding more sets to my wardrobe this Fall.

Unfortunately, these are currently sold out (you can follow for re-stock alerts here). However, I am sharing with you a few sweats that I am currently eyeing so you can snag them up as well! Let me know how you feel about these fashion sweats!

a. camo sweats

b. white striped sweat suit

c. lace up sweat shirt with matching sweat pants

d. nude sweat suit

e. cropped sweat shirt set

f. haus of Rihanna trapstar set

g. striped velvet sweats

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