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Fishnets + Ripped Jeans

Loving the ripped jeans trend right now? Want to ante it up a notch and make it even more daring? Make your ripped jeans even cooler--wear a pair of fishnets under them. Simple or what?

As we are all too aware at this point, the resurrection of ‘90s fashion is back with a bang and it looks like it is here to stay for a little while longer! With that, one of my fav accessories (whether it is in style or not, LOL) is back! Fishnet stockings! But get this--you wear the fishnets under ripped jeans! This is currently one of the most intriguing provocative trends and has everyone restocking their hosiery drawer!

In my outfit, I rocked this trend under fitted boyfriend jeans and paired it with white pumps. I wore a neutral-colored tank and waterfall duster to prevent any clashing with the fishnet/ripped jeans/white pumps combo. Oh, and I know some of you may be afraid of white pumps, or feel as though it is tacky or "only for church." Evelyn's fashion authority (see how I created my own, LOL!) says that white pumps are fashionable. Here is why. White, like black or nude, is a neutral color that can go with just about everything. Wear them as the "exclamation point" to a colorful, patterned, or statement look.


Verdusa (here or here)


F21 (here, in "Nude")


Refuge (here)


Jessica Simpson (look in TJ Maxx or Ross)


Jessica Simpson (here)

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