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Transform an Ordinary Outfit for Valentine's Day

Hey there! Can you believe that it's ALREADY February?!? Eek!!! Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Have you thought about your V-day outfit? If not, your personal stylist today is going to show you how a pop of pink or red can transform the piece you thought wouldn't work for Valentine's Day, into a V-day fun piece for that time out with your significant other or your girlfriends! I know it is always a little stressful and frustrating when you feel like you have nothing to wear, especially on a special night, but as much as you can stare into your overflowing closet and see nothing, I guarantee there is something in there for you to wear. Sometimes it just takes a little creativity and inspiration! :-) To make this easier to conceptualize, I will take on the matching black and white two piece that I blogged last week.

I chose this outfit because I can almost guarantee everyone has a black and white piece in their closet, whether it is a skirt, blouse, dress or pants. It is a perfect classic combination and goes so well with any of the standard Valentine’s Day colors-- pink or red. Furthermore, I was able to take this look and wear it to work and then transform it for after-work play. With Valentine's Day being on a Tuesday this year, I know that many of you may be heading out straight from work.

Confound expectations and pair a simple black and white number with a with a large hot pink fur stole. This look is sexy enough for a date. Or you can go for a chicer look by wearing it with a cape. As you may notice in my add-on pieces to this outfit, I chose the richer alternatives to the traditional bubblegum pink and red--I accented my outfit with hot pink and then with burgundy. Try these richer tones so that you stand out even more amongst the crowd on that fun night!

So there you have it. Do you see how paring one unexpected piece in a themed color with a ordinary outfit that is already in your closet, easily transitions it into that perfect Valentine's Day outfit! Now play around in your closet and go feel good on V-day night!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me or message me! Be sure to share your outfit with me! I would love to see!

Cape: HaoDuoYi

(Here or Here)

Fur Stole: Prada S/S11

(Sold out. Similar: here, here, here. Splurge: here or here.)

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