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Fall Wedding Guest Look: the Maxi Dress

These days, the fall wedding season is almost as busy the summer wedding season! I have noticed this year that many couples are opting for the cool, crisp days of Fall as a beautiful backdrop to their wedding and reception. Do not fret on what to wear because of this new phenomenon. This "challenge" is fun because the cooler temperatures offer a chance for a switch of fashion choices and new textures, including colors in fall hues. While many late summer colors will still work, Fall wedding guest attire gives way to longer sleeves, rich jewel tones, heavier fabrics, and prints that echo the changes of season. This page stands as a shopping guide to my picks for dresses for fall wedding guests.

So what is the perfect item of clothing that encompasses all of that? A maxi dress! I know that this is not the first item of clothing youthink of when you think of wedding guest wear, but this is perfect for a Fall wedding. A maxi dress and can suit wedding events that run from dressy casual to more formal. In fact, the maxi dress can be the best choice if you are not exactly sure of the formality for the wedding, as I was for this wedding. Maxi dresses are chameleons and can look just as good at laid-back outdoor weddings and destination weddings, as they do with a good dose of bling jewelry and high heels for semi-formal and formal events. Just adjust your accessories accordingly, and pick a maxi dress like the one I wore--one that have some substance and dressy fabrics. I love this dress because of its long sleeves, flattering neckline, and thick figure-hugging fabric. I also loved the late summer/early fall colors and the pattern of the dress. Living in the South, I was able to go without a jacket because it honestly was enough to keep me warm and cool at the same time.

I kept the accessories simple because the dress spoke for itself. I wore a cobalt blue bag with gold accents and cobalt blue dangling earrings. My heels were black and strappy.

Side Note: I love, love, love this boutique! The owner is amazing to work with! They are very polite and fast, and create an amazing shopping experience from beginning to end. This is my second item from them and I will definitely be back.


Dress: Eccentric Kristoure (here)

Bag: Yves Saint Laurent (here or here)

Shoes: Steve Madden (similar here)


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