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My Season of "Harvesting Corn"

Did you know that if you dream of walking through a green and luxurious corn field, it signifies happiness and true friends?

This summer, my boyfriend, who is a very talented photographer (call me biased, LOL!) made a suggestion to shoot one of my looks we were doing for my new website in a luscious cornfield. Being that I am typically doing street style looks, I thought this was different but I was all for it! Little did he know that besides the beauty and uniqueness in using the cornfield as a backdrop, there was a deeper meaning to it in relation to this particular shoot. (As an aside, since I was young, I believe that just about everything has meaning, symbolism, relevance: dreams, plants, number sequences--even something as simple to some as their name. That's why I emphasize great caution even in naming children.)

So after the shoot, I previewed the photos and thought they were some of the most gorgeous natural shots that have ever been taken for me and was immediately convinced that it would be those shots that I would save as images for my introductory blog post on my new website/blog. There, I began to dig into and remind myself of the relevance of harvesting corn.

Grain (such as field corn) in a general sense represents the desire to be good, the energy to do what is good, and the actual good that we can do. This makes sense as grains are a primary source of energy in our diets; thus, most of our actions are, in a sense, “grain-powered.” The precise meaning of grain varies depending on the context, from simple good that comes from obedience to higher good works that arise from love and wisdom. However, grain that is still growing represents religious beliefs that will lead to good. Furthermore, to be harvesting corn is to be reaping the rewards of hard work. Most dreams containing images of corn symbolize fertility or fruitfulness. They may also represent new life--either pregnancy or new developments in other ways.

These meanings are perfect for this season in my life and for Fashion Briefs. Fashion Briefs is undergoing new developments. Because I believe that I am being obedient to God to invest into Fashion Briefs, I believe that good will come from it. I intend on purposefully doing good to those around me by sharing my knowledge and talents to all who will receive through my blog and services. My first step in doing so was by revamping my website/blog and heightening my purposefulness in utilizing Fashion Briefs for all of you, and I hope that you and I both reap the rewards of this hard work.

SN: I thought that waiting so long to finish my website and consequently delaying posting these pics that we took back in June would be irrelevant now given the season and time of the year, but I just realized that corn is associated with Thanksgiving/a time of harvest, and in this association corn is also a symbol of abundance. How perfect as we enter into November!



For those who may be interested, please find the outfit details below. I kept it simple and let the beauty of nature shine.

Tank: F21

Shorts: old

Heels: Jessica Simpson

Headpiece: local beauty store



Hope you enjoyed my post! Please feel free to provide feedback. What do you think about my new website and blog? How do you feel about symbolism?

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