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Why do I need a Personal Stylist?

In today’s world, we are frequently and consistently judged on our outward appearance. Having a polished image with a wardrobe that’s well curated can be hugely beneficial in both personal and professional scenarios. Whether you are seeking a career change or a new job, working towards a promotion, searching for your soulmate, or simply wanting to stand out among your peers, the way you look will ultimately play a significant role in your success. A Personal Stylist will not only help you polish up your image and appearance, but also give professional advice on creating looks that work best for you.


How will personal styling help me?

My goal is for you to be empowered to look your best in any situation life throws at you, and to feel confident and free in your own skin. I also want to help to get your closet in tip top shape so that you can have more enjoyable mornings or those prep times before a night out on the town!


What is the difference between a Fashion / Personal Stylist and an Image Consultant?

Stylists work with clients to create looks for a particular event or lifestyle choice. Using their training and experience, Stylists can teach an individual the best ways to shop for their body type and budget, and the most flattering ways in which to get dressed.

Fashion Stylists usually do work for photo shoots, fashion shoots, and magazine spreads. This can be a more avant-garde side of styling, as the idea is to push boundaries and create editorial spreads, and not necessarily everyday looks. Personal Stylists, on the other hand, will work with clients on a one-on-one basis, helping them find clothing and accessories that can be incorporated into their daily lives, and are the most appropriate silhouettes for their body types and budgets.

Image Consultants help clients alter, enhance, or restore their image. This involves evaluation of appearance, behavior, and communication. A session with an Image Consultant draws from a wide range of knowledge and skills that enables their clients in being the most polished version of themselves. Generally speaking, areas like wardrobe, makeup and skincare, style, etiquette, diction et cetera are assessed and improved. Depending on the needs of the client, an Image Consultant might be required to draft / edit speeches, arrange interviews, and oversee public relations between the client and the media.

While not always the case, Fashion Stylists are usually hired for editorial shoots, Personal Stylists for individuals, and Image Consultants for celebrities or corporates.


Who is your typical client?

My current client base involves women  and men who have experienced some sort of change in their lives and want to work on enhancing their appearance. They are mothers, wives, fathers, husbands, entrepreneurs, young professionals, et cetera. Their style motivations range from transitioning jobs, significant weight loss or gain, post-pregnancy makeovers, creating a more powerful impact amid work colleagues or in social circles, or just updating their overall image.


How much will it cost me?

The budget and comfort level of a client are of critical importance. Having said that, think of Personal Styling as an investment towards enhancing your personal image and presenting the best version of yourself to the world. For example, a one-on-one styling and consultation with me, my current rate is $110 for 2 hours, with a free consultation. This is already more reasonable than the current market rate which is at least $200/hour or $1200 flat fee, followed by multiple add-ons for every service offered! 


Do you offer any discounts?

Yes. As a repeat client, you get a 15% discount on all future à la carte services and packages. There is also a 10% discount for new clients who come in via referrals (recommended by prior clients).


What modes of payment do you accept?

Cash, PayPal, or personal checks are acceptable. If paying by checks, we will schedule your appointment as soon as the payment clears. You will receive detailed invoicing for every service provided.


How much time should I allow for my appointment?

You will receive an estimate based on your initial consultation, but the amount of time you allow for your appointment is ultimately up to you. 2 - 4 hours is generally a good starting point, but if your project is more involved (personal shopping, complete wardrobe overhaul, on-site consultation) it is best to allow extra time.


What if I need help shopping but cannot make it to the Birmingham/Tuscaloosa area?

You can opt for a Virtual Consultation. Through digital and electronic media, you will have a one-on-one consultation and learn how to utilize items already in your closet. Your consultation will include an in-depth analysis of your clothing and accessories (be prepared to take lots of photos!), suggestions about what to keep and what to toss, and a shopping list (with personalized store recommendations) to help you fill in the blanks. There will be a follow-up consultation for all Styling services, where you will be assisted in mixing any new purchases with the existing ones in your closet. Generally speaking, However, Closet Audits are best done in-person as I need to see the clothing and fabrics up close to establish their practicality.


How does Stylist on Call work?

To receive styling advice and recommendations on an as-needed basis, you can pay for a monthly fee and have access to your very own Stylist (me!) through Facetime/Skype, phone calls, texts, and/or emails. This is extremely helpful when you need style advice on the go. This service is not inclusive of in-person consultations.


What can I expect from a Personal Shopping experience?

Lots of fun and enjoyment while exploring Manhattan's various shopping neighborhoods, trying out clothing from various stores, and having a very detailed guidance about what to buy and where. We will cover everything from clothing to accessories, shoes, and jewelry! We will shop at stores that cater to your budget and lifestyle and find the looks that bring out the best in your personality. The stores we visit will be reviewed beforehand by me, to keep things speedy and efficient during your trip. After your shopping trip, there will be a complimentary tea-house/café stop for beverages included with your package. If you book a Personal Shopping trip for more than three hours, there will be a non-billable lunch break.


What information do you require from me?

The basics like your age, height, weight, and measurements; surface details about your job and lifestyle (so you can be guided on the most appropriate looks for professional and social settings); your favorite colors and pieces of clothing/accessories; and your budget parameters (so we can work within your comfort zone). All information provided is kept strictly confidential. If you’ve signed up for a virtual consultation, please be prepared to provide adequate photographic references. You might also be asked to take a full length shot in a pair of tights/tank top, so I can evaluate your particular body type and work to its advantage.


How often should I opt for Personal Styling?

As frequently as you want! However, if you have budget or time restrictions, it is recommended that you hire a Personal Stylist at least 1 - 2 times a year, preferably at the onset of a seasonal change, after significant weight loss/gain, or simply before attending a major event (e.g., a wedding).


What is a capsule wardrobe?

Great question! A capsule wardrobe is a carefully curated collection of pieces (usually about 10-15) that work well together to create various outfits for your lifestyle. 


What if I don’t have a ton of money for a new wardrobe?

I get it! Believe it or not, as I stylist I don’t love spending tons of money on clothes. I am very budget conscience. Thus, I teach you how to get more creative use out of the clothes you already own as well as how to shop strategically on a budget.


Do I have to completely overhaul my wardrobe?

Not at all. Overhauling the entire wardrobe can be expensive and stressful. It is more important to work with what you already have--enhancing your existing wardrobe by adding any necessary pieces and by guiding you on the best ways to accessorize and improvise.

Suggestions will be given on the DON’Ts of your wardrobe, but it is entirely up to you whether to toss that clothing or keep it. However, it is recommended you follow the guidelines to derive the most advantage out of your styling consultation. Think of it as the “Spring Cleaning” of your closet; you will only be creating space for newer, more flattering pieces.


Can I bring my significant other/best friend/mom to my appointment?

Please do not! The styling sessions are designed to be one-on-one experiences, and such appointments can be most productive without family members or friends in attendance. Remember this is time devoted to YOU.


Do you receive commissions from the stores we visit?

Absolutely not. Personal Shoppers that make commissions are the ones affiliated with specific stores. A Fashion/Personal Stylist, on the other hand, will try to incorporate a variety of stores in the shopping trip to meet the clients' style and budget parameters.  It is about helping YOU, not ME!


Do you provide look books?

Absolutely! For complimentary sample online look books, sign up here.  You will be given various looks with clothing and accessories that are cohesive, and the ability to buy directly from the retailer. There is no obligation to buy; this service is completely complimentary. Should you decide to buy any of the items suggested in your look book, you’ll be buying them directly from the online store/retailer. Retailers include Nordstrom, ASOS, and Macy's and J.C Penny's, just to name a few.


Are your services in-person or online?

I offer both in-person and online services. Please see my services page for more details.

What if I don’t look like you?

Great! I love to help all kinds of people of different shapes, sizes, styles, ethnicities and economic backgrounds.


I’m trying to lose weight. Should I wait till I reach my goal to work with a stylist?

I totally get where you are coming from as I’ve seen my weight go down and up and down again. However, don’t let your weight stop you from investing in yourself, loving your body now and putting your absolute best foot forward. I help women learn how to flatter their body now and dress for fluctuating weight. That way you can have confidence right now instead of waiting until 30lbs later. Also, in our work together you don’t have to purchase a new full wardrobe, only if you want to!


Is this going to be like “What Not To Wear”?

Hmm, not exactly sure what you mean by that but I can assure you that I will not be ruthlessly trashing the majority of your clothes against your will. We will have a good time working through your wardrobe together to determine what fits, what does not and what could be added. I also help you style bangin’ outfits for various occasions. P.S I love that show though!


I am a mom (or dad)–I don’t need to have style, right?

Of course you do! I am a mom and I can tell you personally that showing up as the best version of yourself, having confidence, and walking in the freedom to be YOU is an excellent example for your child(red). We can start your styling off with fine-tuning your mommy or daddy style--chic and comfortable.


Do you get a commission from the clothes I purchase on our shopping session?

I do not. Again, a personal shopper that works with a department store would get a commission. As a personal stylist I simply help you pick great pieces for your look and teach you strategic shopping so you can look fabulous while spending more time doing what you love.


What if I have a different style than you?

That’s awesome! I am not here to transfer my style onto you. I am here to help you uncover YOUR unique personal style and help you translate it into your wardrobe.


I don’t live in Alabama, can you help me?

Of course! Look over my virtual services. You can boost your style from the comfort of your own home…anywhere in the world!


Where are the consultations and sessions held?

In-person sessions and consultations are held at the client’s home.Virtual sessions are held via video chat.


How far do you travel?

For in-person sessions I will travel up to 30 miles from Tuscaloosa, Alabama which is in the West/Central Alabama region. That radius  includes parts of Jefferson County and Shelby County.


Okay, I signed up! What happens next?

There will be an initial consultation (either in person or via e-mail / phone), where you will be asked a series of questions about your lifestyle, fashion choices, style preferences, et cetera. If you have signed up for a Closet Audit or any of the other similar packages, then the next step will be sorting through your existing wardrobe and setting aside anything that might be outdated or unflattering -- this is what we would refer to as the DON’Ts in your closet.

After weeding out the DON’Ts, we will work together in helping you figure out how to utilize the pieces left in your closet. You will be shown how to accessorize or mix and match the items you already own in new and unexpected ways. Ultimately, you will be informed about any key clothing / accessory staples lacking from your current wardrobe. We will schedule a shopping trip to fill in the blanks and add pieces that will complete and complement the ones remaining in your wardrobe. If you have signed up for the Lookbook service, your Stylist will take photos of you (up to ten) in the new clothing that will then be printed and bound in a keepsake look book for you took keep in you conference for reference. 


How do we get started?

I am so excited that you are taking this step for yourself! You can get started by booking your service(s) here. I will then send you a welcome email containing your Style Questionnaire and a link to a scheduler to set up your sessions as well as any other information you will need to know.  I look forward to working with you!


My question is still not answered! ?

That is perfectly fine! Feel free to contact us with more questions!


Frequently Asked Questions

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