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$300 | 4 Hour Session ($50 P/H After Session)

Closet Organization allows the stylist to organize items in a desired form for client. Client is responsible to inform stylist as to how closet should be organized. Without notification, stylist will organize in such a fashion that suits the stylist's taste.  If personal shopping is required with Closet Organization, stylist should be notified within a 24-48 hour period. Failure to do so will result in Personal Shopping being postponed until a later time. Personal Shopping fees will apply.


$200 | 3 Hour Session ($50 P/H After Session)

Personal Shopping allows the stylist to shop specifically for the client's fashion needs, desires, and fashion taste. A free consultation is scheduled prior to the Personal Shopping process. During the consultation, client should inform the stylist of fashion desires and do not's before the shopping process begins. Stylist has full creative control over the style session with suggested input of client. 

$125 | 3 Hour Session ($50 P/H After Session)

Assisted Personal Shopping allows the stylist to accompany the client while shopping together. During the session, client is allowed to ask stylist about any shopping questions, including fashion advice and how to properly style his/her body. Client is allowed to choose when and where the shopping will take place. If additional days and time are needed, please inform stylist after the session up to 48 hours. 

$200 | 3 Hour Session ($50 P/H After Session)

Styling allows the stylist to creatively accent the client's image with garments that compliment the body and event. A free consultation is schedule prior to the Style Session. During the consultaiton, client should inform the stylist of fashion desires and do not's before the styling begins. Stylist has full creative control over the style session with suggested input of client. 

dramatic/theme building style
$250 | 3 Hour Session ($50 P/H After Session)
$350 Standard Wedding Styling Fee (Assisted)
$500 Standard Wedding Styling Fee (Non Assisted)

Wedding/Fashion Show/Editorial Styling allows the stylist to creative interact with bride/creative director in order to produce a flowing and fashionably appealing end product. Traveling outside of Atlanta, GA requires an additional $100 for every 100 miles.

$1500 -30 Day | TBD -6 Months | TBD- Annual

Stylist will perform the duties of a full-time wardrobe/fashion stylist including personal shopping, styling, and closet organization. Stylist will accompany client to whatever events that is required of the client, including maintenance and assisting of makeup and hairstyling.

$50 -1 Style Board | $75-2 Style Boards | $175-4 Style Boards | $300-6 Style Boards  

Fashion Style Boards/Look Book are/is created to help guide client with shopping needs geared towards a specific look. Fashion Style Boards are created by the stylist using the client's desired size, budget, and style choice. Payment is Non-Refundable.

$25-1 Look | $50 2-Looks | $100-4 Looks

Fashion advice and assistance allows the stylist to add input on a client's self styling in the event that the client is doubtful about a specific look or item choice on an outfit. 

Style Services require payment in full at the time of service and may be subjected to a style contract.


Cash, Paypal, and Stripe are the ONLY acceptable forms of payment.

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