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About Me

I am an attorney by trade, practicing primarily in fashion law, business formation, contracts, consumer protection, and family law.  My passion for fashion got me in trouble where, after numerous dress code violations, I tried to explain to the judges and my bosses that tan fishnet stockings were a perfectly acceptable substitute for ‘nylons.’ However, they did not agree. ...Just kidding! But honestly, while working in the world of the drab grey suit and "sensible shoes," I sought refuge by making over family and friends’ wardrobes, closets, and homes.  The results of these makeovers were compelling--their external changes resonated on the inside, making them feel confident and beautiful. Every single time, I felt grateful to be a part of such positive transformations!

There is something that normally does not come up whenever the topic of “self-love” is discussed—and that is “fashion.”  Many times, fashion gets a bad rap. It brings up images of materialism, vanity, and negative body-image. But I like to use fashion a little differently. I like to use it as a way to express myself, increase my confidence, and empower myself and those around me.


Let me explain further. When I speak of “fashion,” I am not talking about trends or brands. I am talking about creating your OWN fashion. The kind of looks that bring out the best in you. Being original, and wearing what makes YOU happy. Using fashion as a way to brighten your mood every single day. Wear what works for your body and what makes you feel confident, sexy, or strong—not just wearing what’s “in” right now. I believe in finding pieces that make you feel special and bring out the light in you. With that, you will feel a self-love boost and be ready to take on your day with a smile.

Think about it—in life, you just have to be comfortable in your skin and have great passion for what you do, a measure of talent and the ability to see things through. People are naturally attracted to that. You have to have your own world and be happy in that world and not make excuses for it or pretend to be something you are not. The same is true of fashion and how you dress. Unapologetic. Strong. Confident. Free. With that being said, what steps will you take today to bring style, confidence, and happiness into your life? I live to help people answer that question every single day.


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